Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pattu Paavadai and Nethi chutti

Hi uncle and aunties,

I was busy writing my quarterly exams and hence could not update my blog. UKG life is tough. When I was in LKG, I had to just recite some rhymes and sing the alphabet song. But these days they are asking me to write cursive letters and write from 1 to 50. It has become a hectic life for me. Now as I have quarterly holidays, I could breathe freely.

Today I am going to write about my pattu paavadai experience.

Pattu paavaadai is a silk cloth adorned by young women and girls on special occasions. As I am going to feature some of my photos in this blog, this blog post also becomes my first fashion blog post. So officially I am a fashionista now. I would let the pictures do the talking

1. That's me in an orange pattupaavadai with a pink patch on it. The nethi chutti is some ornament that my mom pinned it on my head. 

 2) They gave me this tray to carry some rose petals and jasmine flowers. My dad took some rose petals and ate them. It seems he developed that habit when he was a kid. He does not know that I eat chalk pieces.

3) That is my cousin Davitha. We are good friends too. She has used jasmine flowers as nethi chutti

4) With another cousin Thooya. Thooya calls me akka

5) Finally a picture with my mom and dad. We were all in pink that day. Now if you argue with me and say that I have more orange in my dress than pink, my reply would be, "Are not you ashamed to argue with a 4 year old girl?"

Okay. Bye. Peace out.

- Anya

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  1. Anya you are so cute! I understand that UKG life is really tough. I was almost devastated when I studied UKG. Be strong. By the way you and your cousins are awesome. Orange is cute on you as you are too pinky I couldn't differentiate with the orange and pink. So I am surely not arguing with me. Cheers. Harini Aunty.