Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I am a spider girl

My neighbor boy wears a spider man mask and runs around the locality singing the spider man song. I asked my dad that I wanted to become spider man too. He told that I am a girl and I could not become spider man. How ever he told that I could become spider girl. I said OK. 

So he bought me a spider kid mask and I started wearing the mask and when ever the neighbor boy sings the spider man song, I will sing spider girl song and shut him up. But he started jumping from the compound wall and said that spider man is stronger than spider girl.

This made me feel bad and I went to my dad and told him that I need some super powers to overcome the neighbor boy. Immediately my dad told me to create the spidey web and attack him. He even showed some video clips of how spiderman creates the spidey web by showing the "peace" sign in his hand. But even after trying for more than 1 hour, I was not able to produce the spidey web. So my Dad taught me some cheat code.

He asked me to chew some chewing gum and made a nice big roll from it and told me to use the gum as the spidey web. I was happy because the gum did produce some elastic spidey web. I took the gum and attacked the neighbor boy. To his shock and my dismay, all the spidey web got entangled in his hair and I was not able to remove them from his hair. 

Finally his dad took him to a barber shop and tonsured him. My dad has now hidden the spidergirl mask. I have lost my super powers now. I am back to school and preparing for my half yearly exams. I am strictly told by my dad not to reveal that I am a spider girl.

By the way, do you all know that my dad is actually the real superman? If you do not know that trueth, read this blog. But keept it a secret. OK