Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I love shopping

They say that girls love to shop. I am no exception to this statement. The first thing I do when I enter
 a super market is pick a bag and collect all that I could.  But when I reach home I would not find all the stuff I picked up from the shop. I guess my dad does some cheap tricks when he pays the bill at the counter. Next time I should watch him closely how he puts back the stuff back in the shop

Fast and Furious

This yellow car came to my home the day Paul walker died. I have become an expert driver. I sometimes sit like this in the car and read books.

I store my small toys in the boot of this car. Some times the vegetables in the refrigerator also find their way in the boot of this car. Now my grand mom has locked the refrigerator and has blocked access for me to open the fridge.

My first Saree

My dad is crazy about Sarees. My mom seldom wears a saree. But I am crazy about sarees. I love draping them and walk around the house. This saree was presented to me by my chithappa (Jenin uncle). One whole day photoshoot happened after I wore this saree. I was posing the whole day. How do I look in saree?