Thursday, February 14, 2013

Exercise with Daddy

My dad has started exercising everyday. He gets up in the morning and does something on the floor. He calls it "Push Ups". He says that by doing that exercise, he will develop good muscles. But after seeing him do that exercise for a long time with no results, I just laugh at him. What is the point of doing something that does not yield anything. 

Today I wanted to teach my dad a lesson. I knew he was doing his exercise in a wrong manner. So after I woke up, I joined him in his exercise. I could do more push ups than him and I have stronger muscles than him. Click the picture get a better view of my muscles.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Photoshoot with Rovi akka

Today was a hectic day. Dad brought his facebook friend to our house. Her name is Roviena. As I am a baby, I will stick to Rovi. She carried a camera and many lenses along with her. The whole day she clicked many pictures of mine. 

My granny and mom made me wear many clothes and I was so happy to pose for the pictures. I will soon show some of the pictures she clicked. 

She made me wear all my pretty pretty frocks. I was made to lie down on a red carpet, white towel. They gave me some dolls to play and then took it away from me.

I don't know why they did all this. But when I saw this picture, I knew that they did it for a purpose. This is Rovi akka. She will be very popular in this field very soon.

Prasanna maamaa

Prasanna maamaa is my dad's friend. He is my dad's friend for almost ten years now. They became friends through a social networking site called Hi5. He is a nice maamaa. He carries a camera in his hand. He is a wonderful writer too. He takes many photographs of me.

This photo was taken by him when I just woke up from my sleep.

You can see the mosquito bat in the background. My dad and mom use that bat to kill all the mosquitoes that try to bite me. One day I touched that mosquito bat and started crying a lot. It hurt a lot

Prasanna maama took this picture. He seldom poses for the picture. So here is a picture of him.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dhina Thaatha and Jemi Paama

Today Dhina thaatha and Jemi paama came to see me. Dhina thaatha had white beard. Jemi paama had a glass. When they came home I stared at them. They smiled at me and made peaceful sounds.  They appeared soft. So I smiled back at them. Then they carried me and I was happy.

This photograph was taken in Dhina thaathaa's blackberry phone. In the backdrop you can see the posters that dad sticks on the wall. Dhina thaatha is a pastor and a bible teacher. He taught many bible teaching methods to my dad.