Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I am a spider girl

My neighbor boy wears a spider man mask and runs around the locality singing the spider man song. I asked my dad that I wanted to become spider man too. He told that I am a girl and I could not become spider man. How ever he told that I could become spider girl. I said OK. 

So he bought me a spider kid mask and I started wearing the mask and when ever the neighbor boy sings the spider man song, I will sing spider girl song and shut him up. But he started jumping from the compound wall and said that spider man is stronger than spider girl.

This made me feel bad and I went to my dad and told him that I need some super powers to overcome the neighbor boy. Immediately my dad told me to create the spidey web and attack him. He even showed some video clips of how spiderman creates the spidey web by showing the "peace" sign in his hand. But even after trying for more than 1 hour, I was not able to produce the spidey web. So my Dad taught me some cheat code.

He asked me to chew some chewing gum and made a nice big roll from it and told me to use the gum as the spidey web. I was happy because the gum did produce some elastic spidey web. I took the gum and attacked the neighbor boy. To his shock and my dismay, all the spidey web got entangled in his hair and I was not able to remove them from his hair. 

Finally his dad took him to a barber shop and tonsured him. My dad has now hidden the spidergirl mask. I have lost my super powers now. I am back to school and preparing for my half yearly exams. I am strictly told by my dad not to reveal that I am a spider girl.

By the way, do you all know that my dad is actually the real superman? If you do not know that trueth, read this blog. But keept it a secret. OK


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My first hill climb

My dad is a trekker. He climbs mountains and hills with his friends. When I say trekker, I just mean that he knows to walk. He is not a mountaineer and all.  On July 2016, I happened to climb a small hill in Ooty all by myself. I did not ask anyone to carry me.

My parents joined me at the top of the hill to click a picture with me

My cousins Jeremy and Jolena had come down to India to visit us and they tagged along. They speak American English. My dad does not understand their slang. He keeps on saying  "Pardon me" ,  "Come again" all the time. He calls himself a writer and does not even understand English with an American twist.  I was worried too that I may not understand their language. But in the two months they stayed in India, I made sure that they learn Tamil and by the time they went back to America, they were pretty fluent in Tamil. Yaarukitta! They climbed the hill along with me.

Tips for amateur hill climbers

1) Wear comfortable shoes
2) When your dad tells you not to run, just run

If you wanna see my hill climb, check this video

- Anya

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pattu Paavadai and Nethi chutti

Hi uncle and aunties,

I was busy writing my quarterly exams and hence could not update my blog. UKG life is tough. When I was in LKG, I had to just recite some rhymes and sing the alphabet song. But these days they are asking me to write cursive letters and write from 1 to 50. It has become a hectic life for me. Now as I have quarterly holidays, I could breathe freely.

Today I am going to write about my pattu paavadai experience.

Pattu paavaadai is a silk cloth adorned by young women and girls on special occasions. As I am going to feature some of my photos in this blog, this blog post also becomes my first fashion blog post. So officially I am a fashionista now. I would let the pictures do the talking

1. That's me in an orange pattupaavadai with a pink patch on it. The nethi chutti is some ornament that my mom pinned it on my head. 

 2) They gave me this tray to carry some rose petals and jasmine flowers. My dad took some rose petals and ate them. It seems he developed that habit when he was a kid. He does not know that I eat chalk pieces.

3) That is my cousin Davitha. We are good friends too. She has used jasmine flowers as nethi chutti

4) With another cousin Thooya. Thooya calls me akka

5) Finally a picture with my mom and dad. We were all in pink that day. Now if you argue with me and say that I have more orange in my dress than pink, my reply would be, "Are not you ashamed to argue with a 4 year old girl?"

Okay. Bye. Peace out.

- Anya

Sunday, August 23, 2015

My haircut experience

I said No to Greentrends because of the scary hairdresser whose hair is like a peacock and has multiple piercings.

So my dad took me to the barber shop where he gets his hair cut.

I loved the wooden plank on which I was made to sit.

I also loved the mist water spray the barber uncle sprayed on my face and hair. I asked the barber uncle to spray often. He did that.

I enjoyed the Illayaraja melodies that was played on TV.

Finally I gave a hi5 to the uncle and came home.  A perfect hair cut after a long time.

Now I am clicking my toy scissors and my dolls are getting a hair cut .


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I love shopping

They say that girls love to shop. I am no exception to this statement. The first thing I do when I enter
 a super market is pick a bag and collect all that I could.  But when I reach home I would not find all the stuff I picked up from the shop. I guess my dad does some cheap tricks when he pays the bill at the counter. Next time I should watch him closely how he puts back the stuff back in the shop

Fast and Furious

This yellow car came to my home the day Paul walker died. I have become an expert driver. I sometimes sit like this in the car and read books.

I store my small toys in the boot of this car. Some times the vegetables in the refrigerator also find their way in the boot of this car. Now my grand mom has locked the refrigerator and has blocked access for me to open the fridge.

My first Saree

My dad is crazy about Sarees. My mom seldom wears a saree. But I am crazy about sarees. I love draping them and walk around the house. This saree was presented to me by my chithappa (Jenin uncle). One whole day photoshoot happened after I wore this saree. I was posing the whole day. How do I look in saree?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My first day in school.

Today was the first day of my schooling life. I knew something new was going to happen when my Mom told me last night that I will meet lot of new people today. She told me that I will find new friends in a place called School. I did not understand her words correctly. So I went to my Dad to understand what school would be like. I know that he confuses me most of times; but still I took the risk.

My dad told me that a school is a place where I can play with many children. I can ride tricycles, drive baby cars and play with dolls and also play in slides and swing. I was excited with the build up he gave about school.

Today morning my Mom woke me up early in the morning and told me that today is my first dayat school. I got up and my dad  made me to brush my teeth. As usual I ate the toothpaste. Then I wore a frock and carried my favorite Dora Pink school bag.  Then before going to school, I did pray. Click the picture to enlarge it

After dropping me in school, Mom and Dad hid outside the school and peeped inside from the window. I saw them peeping in; but acted as if I did not see them. I started to play in the slide. It was fun. There were other children in the school who were made to dance around by an aunt. But I was busy playing in the slide and I did not join that gang. 

School was fun. When grand dad came to pick me up from the school, I did not want to go with him. I wanted to play more. But they said that I can come tomorrow to school. Why can't home be as fun like school?

- Anya

Monday, February 17, 2014

I am a perfectionist

I am a perfectionist. My dad is exactly the opposite of me. He does not even fold his bed sheet. On the other hand, I like arranging everything. I like things to be in order.

In the picture below, you can see me arranging all my toys in order.

Precision is the key to placing things in order. I have an eye for details

This is how I demonstrate to my mom, how vessels in the kitchen should be. My dad does not put things in the same place. So this message goes to him also.

While I was arranging my toys, my dad took a picture of me. I did not like him disturbing me.

Then I went back to the kitchen and took all the spoons and came to the drawing room and arranged them.

My dress was very dirty. So my dad changed the dress and made me wear another frock and asked me to pose for a photograph. As he pleaded with me, I allowed him to click a picture.

Then I went to my toy box and found these colorful play things and started arranging them in pairs.

Two color rings did not have pairs. I think my dad took them and placed it somewhere.

Next, I took all my dad's underwears and arranged them on the floor. I asked him to take a photograph of that too. He did not accept my offer. 


Thursday, January 9, 2014

How do I sleep

I was under the assumption that my parents make me sit on the swing for me to play. But now I know that this is how they put me to sleep