Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My first hill climb

My dad is a trekker. He climbs mountains and hills with his friends. When I say trekker, I just mean that he knows to walk. He is not a mountaineer and all.  On July 2016, I happened to climb a small hill in Ooty all by myself. I did not ask anyone to carry me.

My parents joined me at the top of the hill to click a picture with me

My cousins Jeremy and Jolena had come down to India to visit us and they tagged along. They speak American English. My dad does not understand their slang. He keeps on saying  "Pardon me" ,  "Come again" all the time. He calls himself a writer and does not even understand English with an American twist.  I was worried too that I may not understand their language. But in the two months they stayed in India, I made sure that they learn Tamil and by the time they went back to America, they were pretty fluent in Tamil. Yaarukitta! They climbed the hill along with me.

Tips for amateur hill climbers

1) Wear comfortable shoes
2) When your dad tells you not to run, just run

If you wanna see my hill climb, check this video

- Anya