Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My first day in school.

Today was the first day of my schooling life. I knew something new was going to happen when my Mom told me last night that I will meet lot of new people today. She told me that I will find new friends in a place called School. I did not understand her words correctly. So I went to my Dad to understand what school would be like. I know that he confuses me most of times; but still I took the risk.

My dad told me that a school is a place where I can play with many children. I can ride tricycles, drive baby cars and play with dolls and also play in slides and swing. I was excited with the build up he gave about school.

Today morning my Mom woke me up early in the morning and told me that today is my first dayat school. I got up and my dad  made me to brush my teeth. As usual I ate the toothpaste. Then I wore a frock and carried my favorite Dora Pink school bag.  Then before going to school, I did pray. Click the picture to enlarge it

After dropping me in school, Mom and Dad hid outside the school and peeped inside from the window. I saw them peeping in; but acted as if I did not see them. I started to play in the slide. It was fun. There were other children in the school who were made to dance around by an aunt. But I was busy playing in the slide and I did not join that gang. 

School was fun. When grand dad came to pick me up from the school, I did not want to go with him. I wanted to play more. But they said that I can come tomorrow to school. Why can't home be as fun like school?

- Anya