Monday, June 3, 2013

Dad dresses me up

Hi everyone,

I am now 1 years old. I am a big girl now. I have four teeth. I bite very well too. My dad and mom are my bite victims all the time. Sometimes my grand parents also get the bite gift from me. When I am happy , I bite. When I am sad, I bite too.

Today I am gonna talk about how my dad dresses me up. Before I go to the topic, I should let you all know how my mom dresses me up. My mom gives me a warm water bath. She applies soap on me and sings for me. Then she towels me up and gives me massages. Then she applies powder on my body and tickles me. Then softly she dresses me up. I always love it when mom dresses me up. But when it comes to dad, the story is different. Dad has the amazing ability to change my dress within seconds. He doesn't give me a bath , nor applies powder for me. This is how he changes my dress.

Step 1 :

He removes my shirt.
Have you heard the proverb "garland in the hand of the monkey".
This suits my dad in this step.
I always try to escape from him during this step.

Step 2 :

Now after removing the dress, he puts the new dress. 
He puts the dress as if he puts some vegetables inside a sack.
I always cry during this part.

Step 3

Sigh of relief.
It is over.
I smile during this step

Step 4

Dad and daughter bonding.
It is called as konjal time.
I forgive my dad for his steps 1 and 2.

This konjals will continue till dad attempts step 1 again