Thursday, September 5, 2013

Police Complaint by Anya

Today I am very angry.I am angry with my dad. He thinks he is putting me to sleep by singing songs for me. But his singing actually stops me from sleeping. It disturbs my sleep. Do you think a baby like me will sleep when the dad sings at the top of his voice? I tried to make him realize his folly by crying out loud when ever he sings a lullaby for me. But he never understood my anguish and pain. Once I even bit him on his back to convey the message that I don't like it. But he does not seem to change. So I have decided to file a police complaint against him for singing lullaby for me.

I took his note book and pen and wrote this complaint letter. The following pictures were taken by my mother when I wrote the complaint letter in agony. If you take a closer look at the second picture, you can also notice that I have signed it with my signature. The capital "A" at the top of the letter is my signature. Now I have written the complaint; but I do not know how to take it forward. Please tell me whom I should contact? I am very serious.

- Anya 


  1. Dear Anya, learn the first mantra of being a child, its all about getting even. Punish your Dad, don't write police complaints which may make the poor sod get wiser. Takes all the fun out of childhood. Extract revenge. Being female, you have it easy, make it expensive and make it hurt his pocket. Have fun :P

  2. I agree with Ritu :) Anya blackmail dad to take you to Little Nathella and buy the most expensive available on the rack, if he is not buying then blackmail him that you will complain to the police... good girl... I love you :) mmmuuuuaaaahhhhh